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Soldiers of General Debauchery:

I speak to you today from the year two thousand and eleven. Many years have now passed in our great war. News has no doubt been fragmented and hard to come by. There was the great migration of 2006 followed by another in 2008. Our communication lines have survived this assault even if our necessary struggle has gone underground.

I can only assume after having witnessed the many great battles we have waged, that each of us has felt the horrors of war in ways painful to reminisce. Our supply lines are in tact but many new strains of enemy soldier have been agitated.

Our enemy will not rest and neither shall we!

The wrinkles of age and wisdom of time's passing have afforded us a strategic advantage and though this fight is a long one, we shall emerge victorious. I foresee this to be our gospel.

We look forward to hearing your battle front reports in the time that follows my dispatch.

I have taken Lt. General Sheppard's command post in the south part of these lands over as my own. The discovery of a drive thru armory in my area has aided many a battle. The men in the trucks that cart off my enemy kills must surly think that my kill rate is that of 10 men. I have required two mass grave bins for my glass and aluminum trophies.

I worry about AWOL soldiers in this platoon, Lt. General Corn Cob, Private Holland of the Western frontier, there are rumors that Staff Secretary Morris resides near my southern post that I have yet to verify.

Where ever all of our freedom fighters are may they be well.

- Over and out
Major General Cody Lee
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